"Israel did not ‘believe’ in dragons anymore than their neighbors did. When Israel says God defeated the dragon, they use this myth in two ways. Most of the time, as in Psalm 74; Isaiah 27:1, where the dragon is named Leviathan just as in the Canaanite myth; and Isaiah 51:9, they are saying, ‘Whatever you... Continue Reading →

"I propose the final edition of Genesis is the result of a similar process by an editor of the Holiness school of pre-exilic Israel, who combined and organized these various materials into a continuous and meaningful whole." - Bill T. Arnold Over on her blog @thclosetatheist has posted her review of Lee Strobel's book The Case for... Continue Reading →

The Weekly Roundup – 1.11.19

"What is at stake in that sad progression from Paul to anti-Paul? Why is it of importance that — at least with regard to slavery — radical Christian liberty is being changed back into normal Roman slavery. It means this: Jewish Christianity is becoming Roman Christianity." - John Dominic Crossan One of my favorite bloggers,... Continue Reading →

Weekly Roundup – 10.5.18

Here's the Weekly Roundup! (Note: there will be no Roundup next Friday.) Over at bibleinterp.com there is an excerpt from John: Interpreted by Early Christian and Medieval Commentators (Eerdmans, 2018) entitled "The Spiritual Gospel: The Gospel of John in the Early Church." In this excerpt Bryan Stewart discusses the way early Christian writers viewed and used the fourth... Continue Reading →

Weekly Roundup – 9.28.18

Here's the Weekly Roundup! I've really enjoyed @StudyofChrist's series on the Matthean genealogy. I'm slowly getting caught up on his videos and recently watched "More Complicated Issues"  which covers issues surrounding the father of Zerubbabel (Matthew 1:12) as well as where in the world Abiud (Matthew 1:13) came from. Many of the names in the genealogy are... Continue Reading →

Weekly Roundup – 9.7.18

Here are a few good articles, blog posts, and podcasts I've been enjoying this week. Twitter user and blogger @bibhistctxt continues his series on ancient Israelite origins with "Israelite Origins: putting away childish things." In this post, he shows that the various towns that were purportedly destroyed by the invading Israelite armies led by Joshua were not done in... Continue Reading →

Study of Christianity: Aram, Asaph, and Amos (2)

Yesterday I posted a link to the first of two videos from @StudyofChrist concerning the names Aram, Asaph, and Amos in the Matthean genealogy and the problems they pose. Today I am posting the second video in which @StudyofChrist deals with the problems of Asaph/Asa and Amos/Amon (see Matthew 1:7-8, 10). To begin with, @StudyofChrist... Continue Reading →

Study of Christianity: Aram, Asaph, and Amos (1)

Over on his YouTube channel, @StudyofChrist continues in his series interrogating the text of the Matthean genealogy. If you haven't subscribed to his channel, you should do so. In this video, @StudyofChrist discusses the issue of three names: Aram (1:3), Asaph (1:7), and Amos (1:10). The reason these are problematic is that Aram is not the son... Continue Reading →

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