The Weekly Roundup – 2.21.20

  • What did ex-pagans and Jews expect when they became followers of Jesus? This is the question that Alex Finkelson addresses in his recent post “What kind of blessings did the churches inherit from Israel?” As Finkelson discusses, the various promises made to the patriarchs and even to king David are tangible: a literal kingdom in a literal nation populated by literal people with a literal king. So why would the earliest followers expect anything different?
  • In preparation for his upcoming book on the afterlife, Bart Ehrman posted a video to his YouTube channel discussing “5 Things You Didn’t Know about Heaven and Hell.” I honestly can’t wait for this book to come out!
  • What was the name of Moses’ father-in-law? As it turns out, that question has a lot of answers, as Elisha Ben Abuya discusses in his post entitled “Jethro’s Dilemma.”
  • Part 2 of Andre Gagne’s series on eschatology is up on his YouTube channel! He talks quite a bit about dispensationalism, a hermeneutical camp I found myself in until my early 20s. So, don’t be left behind by missing out on this video. Give it a watch!
  • And speaking of eschatology, Seth Price recently interviewed Dan Koch on “The End Time and Trauma” over on his Can I Say This At Church? podcast. It was a fascinating discussion on the ways in which eschatology can be weaponized to coerce belief and how that can lead to later psychological distress.

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