Paula Fredriksen Talks the Reliability of Acts

Yesterday I posted a link to an interview featuring Perry Kea on the reliability of Acts. Well, to dovetail with that interview, here is another on that topic. A while back, Derek Lambert of MythVision sat down with historian Paula Fredriksen and they talked about the Acts of the Apostles. In it she talks about the dating of Acts, the contradictions between it and the letters of Paul, the difficulties with historical claims found in Acts, and much more. Fredriksen is as clear and compelling in this interview as she is in her writings. There’s a reason she is my favorite scholar. Have a look!

2 thoughts on “Paula Fredriksen Talks the Reliability of Acts

  1. Dr Fredriksen always brings all my thoughts back into focus. One reads dozens of books on a topic like Luke/Acts and things become somewhat blurry and then I read or listen to her and she always clears it up and somehow puts eyedrops in the eyes of my mind and I feel refreshed. She is super human 😉

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    1. I couldn’t agree more. Her and Mark Goodacre have a knack for distilling complex information so that people like me can understand it. It’s a rare gift!

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