Kipp Davis on the Isaiah Scrolls of Cave 1Q

At the beginning of the year, I posted to this blog a link to Kipp Davis’ first video in his series “The Dead Sea Scrolls, Unapologetically.” Not long after I did so, Davis posted the next video in his series but I did not have an opportunity to watch it and so I didn’t want to post it here. Recently, however, I had some extra free time and had the chance to watch it. In it, Davis goes over the scrolls of Isaiah found in Cave 1Q, noting their peculiarities, including where they differ from the Masoretic Text. Interestingly, significant amounts of material not found in the Masoretic Text of Isaiah are found in some of these manuscripts from Qumran and some material not found in manuscripts of Isaiah from Qumran are found in the Masoretic Text. It looks like the Masoretes did some serious revising!

In any event, Davis explains all this far better than I could ever hope to. Check it out below!

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