Danilo Verde: Mythological Motifs in Song of Songs

Danilo Verde, “YHWH’s Flame: A Love Metaphor in the Song of Songs” (2023), thetorah.com:

In sum, Song 8:6–7 employs several mythological motifs belonging to ancient Near Eastern literature, Baal, Mot, Sheol, Resheph, as well as the Hebrew Bible’s bellicose YHWH. At the same time, the text does not mean to evoke any one of the deities. Instead, the text is using this broad ancient Near Eastern imagery to say that love is akin to a godlike warrior, or a warlike god with respect to strength and vehemence or fierceness, which are mentioned in v. 6. This fits perfectly with the military language that the Song elsewhere employs to represent the lovers and their courtship.

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