The “Conservative Bible Project”: The Interplay of Ideology and Translation

In this post you will find two things: a paper and a presentation. The paper is entitled “The ‘Conservative Bible Project’: The Interplay of Ideology and Translation. Here is the abstract I wrote for it:

Those of a more socially, politically, and theologically conservative persuasion have long lamented what they have perceived as “liberal” ideology influencing the translation of biblical texts. The “Conservative Bible Project” represents some of those so persuaded and their work seeks to promote conservative ideals in the context of translation work. However, the CBP is problematic in numerous ways, both in its so-called “guidelines” as well as in particular passages. In this paper, I will briefly lay out the difficulties of doing translation work, the ways in which ideology can affect translation of biblical texts, the fundamental problem with two of the CBP’s guidelines, and particular translation errors and issues in the CBP’s rendering of Mark 1.

You can download the paper here: The “Conservative Bible Project” (paper)

The presentation is on the paper and is a condensed version of it. You can watch it below or go to my YouTube channel, subscribe, and watch it there. Either way, have a look.

My hope is to do more papers and presentations of them in the future, an attempt by this amateur to do more “scholarly” work. But I’m sure it will be slow going and will be met with a number of obstacles so please be patient!

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