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The First Epistle of Paul to the Thessalonians – Amateur Exegete Version

A post containing my translation of Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonians that was used throughout season 2 of the podcast.

The “Conservative Bible Project”: The Interplay of Ideology and Translation

In this post you will find two things: a paper and a presentation. The paper is entitled “The ‘Conservative Bible Project’: The Interplay of Ideology and Translation. Here is the abstract I wrote for it: Those of a more socially, politically, and theologically conservative… Continue Reading “The “Conservative Bible Project”: The Interplay of Ideology and Translation”

Examining the “Conservative Bible Project” – Mark 1:8

Maybe it’s the fact that I’m reading Robert Alter’s The Art of Bible Translation or that I’m in love with the Gospel of Mark, but reading through the translation of the Markan Gospel over at Conservapedia has got me fired up. Setting aside the lunacy… Continue Reading “Examining the “Conservative Bible Project” – Mark 1:8″

Mark 1, AEV

Below is my full translation of the first chapter in Mark’s Gospel. It is still in some ways a very raw translation but it will serve as the launching pad for work on my commentary on Mark. I plan on doing more revisions to… Continue Reading “Mark 1, AEV”

Mark 1:40-45, AEV

For previous posts in this series, please see the series’ index. In this pericope which is part of a series of healing and exorcism narratives (i.e. 1:21-28, 1:29-34, 2:1-12) Jesus is met by a leper who begs him to heal him of his skin… Continue Reading “Mark 1:40-45, AEV”

Mark 1:35-39, AEV

This pericope serves as a transition from Jesus’ work in the city of Capernaum (Mark 1:21-34) to the broader region of Galilee and its towns. It is there he continues his preaching and exorcism ministry. Coming on the heels of 1:29-34 where the throngs… Continue Reading “Mark 1:35-39, AEV”

Mark 1:29-34, AEV

Below is my translation of Mark 1:29-34, a pericope wherein Jesus has left the synagogue (cf. 1:21-28) and heads to the home of Simon and Andrew. Like the previous pericope, this story emphasizes 1) Jesus’ miraculous abilities and 2) his popularity with the people.… Continue Reading “Mark 1:29-34, AEV”

Mark 1:21-28, AEV

Below is my translation of Mark 1:21-28, a pericope wherein Jesus enters a synagogue in the city of Capernaum and ends up casting out an unclean spirit. This story in some ways sets the tone for the rest of the Gospel because it emphasizes… Continue Reading “Mark 1:21-28, AEV”

Musings on Mark: Index to My Translation of Mark (AEV)

The two of you who regularly read my blog are aware that I’ve been slowly producing my own translation of the Gospel of Mark that I’ve humbly dubbed the Amateur Exegete Version. For your benefit (and my own), I am compiling what I’ve translated into an… Continue Reading “Musings on Mark: Index to My Translation of Mark (AEV)”

Mark 1:16-20, AEV

Below is my translation of Mark 1:16-20 which follows the beginning of Jesus’ ministry in Galilee (1:14-15). Here we see Jesus call his first disciples, including the inner three of Simon Peter, James, and John. MARK 1:16-20, AEV 16And walking alonga the Sea of… Continue Reading “Mark 1:16-20, AEV”