Musings on Mark: Index to My Translation of Mark (AEV)

The two of you who regularly read my blog are aware that I’ve been slowly producing my own translation of the Gospel of Mark that I’ve humbly dubbed the Amateur Exegete VersionFor your benefit (and my own), I am compiling what I’ve translated into an index for easy reference and will add to it as I translate more passages. This is a long-term project so don’t expect to see the entire Gospel of Mark completely translated for quite a while. Eventually I will turn my entire translation with notes into a PDF for download. I also hope to produce a commentary of sorts on the Gospel that will be available to the public. All in due time, I suppose.

Mark 1:1-8.

Mark 1:9-11.

Mark 1:12-13.

Mark 1:14-15.

Mark 1:16-20.

Mark 1:21-28.

Mark 1:29-34.

Mark 1:35-39.

Mark 1:40-45.

Mark 1 (complete chapter).

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