The Weekly Roundup – 7.5.19

  • I was finally able to listen to part 2 of “Pete ruins Exodus” over at the podcast The Bible for Normal People. As usual, great material looking at the beginning stages of Moses’ call to Egypt, including that bizarre scene in Exodus 4:24-26.
  • The next installment of Koine Greek‘s reading of the Gospel of Mark in the original Greek is up on their channel and it covers Mark 3. I’m loving this series!
  • The latest episode of Can I Say This at Church? features an interview with Adam Lewis Greene concerning the Bibliotheca project and his views on the biblical texts generally. I was pleased to hear how much Greene loves Robert Alter, a linguist, literary critic, and translator of the entire Hebrew Bible. If you aren’t familar with Bibliotheca (as I wasn’t), check out their website. What you’ll find there is a version of the entire Bible without chapter and verse markings or study notes or anything like that. Instead, it is geared toward undistracted reading. I need to save up some money and buy me a set!
  • The @thebiblicalskep has a new post on his website on dying and rising gods in the ANE and within Greco-Roman systems. In it he rightly points out that discussions of such deities (and their inevitable comparisons to Jesus) often lack the nuance needed to make such discussions fruitful and to make the category useful. And this post is just a teaser of sorts for future work he is doing on the subject. I’m looking forward to seeing more.
  • @AlchemistNon has a new post on the problem of animal suffering as it relates to theism. Using a deductively valid argument, he concludes that God does not exist due to the presence of “extreme suffering of non-human animals” that is neither deserved nor compensated.

Featured image: Wikimedia Commons.

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